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Jade D.

  • Lead Developer, Gild
  • Self-taught
  • CSS Design jQuery Python Ruby

At Gild, I'm responsible for building and maintaining customer-facing web applications. With no formal post-secondary education, I learned my craft through all the great people that publish their work and thoughts online. Gild used its own product (we're a recruiting platform) to find me based on my Open Source contributions, so I want to prove, by example, that people can succeed in merit-based environments.

www.github.com/plusjade       www.ruhoh.com

Francine L.

  • Freelance designer
  • UC Berkeley - Media
  • CSS HTML jQuery

I didn't study a technical skill at Berkeley but I enjoy designing graphics, so I admire and am excited about the Internet for facilitating the free exchange of information (and letting me learn things like new techniques in Photoshop)! With tons of information, sometimes there's wrong information, so I have questions about best practices in web design industry, and I'm always down for a recommendation of a good design book, too :)

www.dribbble.com/francine       www.willworkforamac.com

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Jonathan F.

  • Data Scientist, Gild
  • UC Berkeley, Ph.D. in Bioengineering
  • Computational Biology Data mining Machine learning Statistics

I work on a science team to build a robust and scalable data science platform that generates meaning and insight from the thousands of signals culled from public data. At UC Berkeley, I developed high-throughput biological image analysis and stochastic modeling to understand how HIV hides in our cells.